Business 1, essay 1, (week 2) The #1 task of a salesman, according to Harry Browne.

According to Harry Browne, the 1# task of a salesman is to find out what the customer wants and help him get it.  In order to do this you must talk to him ask him questions about what his needs are.  Then after he gives you this information, repeat it to him having him confirm it.  Once he discovers that you are actually trying to help him and not just get his money he is more likely to invest his money in your product.

If you do not have what the customer wants, be honest with him and don’t try to sell him something else, but rather tell him where he can find what he wants.  This will gain you credit and most likely he will return and or refer others to you.

Another key rule to getting the customer what he wants is to actually give the customer what he wants.  Without contradicting him into whatever it is you want him to want.  Even if it means you make less money because in the long run they will return to you only if you helped them.

Browne’s rule profits  for everyone all around.  The customer gets what he needs, and you will probably get them as a returning customer.  Because he has found that you seek not just his money but also to help him solve his problems.  Once you complete this task with several customers, you then will build a good and respectable name.  There is no competition between the buyer and seller. Help the buyer in their competition and the buyer will help you in the seller competition.

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