3 Structure Points of a Successful Business.

There are 3 areas of every successful business.  Without solid foundations in these 3 areas, a business will suffer.  These 3 areas are: 1. Sales and marketing. 2. Operations.  3. Finance and administration.

Sales and marketing is how the business presents itself to their prospects.  For a business to survive, it must have customers, and to have customers, and business must have sales and marketing.  Operations is the process of obtaining and developing the product or service and then making it available to potential buyers.  Finance and Administration is the process of handling legal affairs, and of course, the finances of the company.  Each of these 3 aspects are crucial to the structure of a successful company, and without one, the company will fail.

To give an example, I am going to explain how the 3 areas of business apply to a business in my city.  This is a business that I am familiar with because I have a part-time job working at this facility.  This is the indoor flea market.  This is a well known and respected local establishment, and one that I am familiar with.

For sales and marketing, the business uses several online tools, as well as focuses on creating long-term relationships with customers.  Because of  new merchandise coming in every day, the owner has added all of the employees as administrators of the Facebook page, and each one of us writes posts about new and unique items that come in.  The business also really focuses on customer service and creating relationships with the customers, thus most of the locals tell visitors to stop by the indoor flea market.

As far as operations, the flea market does not have to provide the merchandise.  The warehouse is divided into 7′ by 10′ booths that are rented out to vendors who stock the spaces with unique items old and new.  The flea market relies on these vendors to create a unique shopping environment.

For finance and administration, our office manager ensures that the vendors pay their monthly rent, and that the vendors get paid for the items that sold that month.  She also pays employees and assists the owner with the accounting and legal issues.  The owner of the company, ensures that everything is running smoothly and is constantly working to solve problems and improve the business.

Key Events in Hebrew History

The events that took place in the history of the Hebrews had a significant role in the shaping of western civilization.

Abraham, as a majority of people know, was a crucial figure in the history of the Hebrews.  Through a series of events, Abraham chose to take up his life and devote himself to God.  Because of the strength of his faith, he was prepared to sacrifice his own son, Isaac, to God, but God angelically prevented him from going through with this sacrifice (this was the end of the period of time that people were convinced a blood sacrifice was the highest level of worship).  Because of his great faith and works, God promised a land to Abraham and his sons.

Abraham’s son Isaac, had two sons Esau and Jacob.  Esau was older, and therefore possessed the birthright, which meant he would receive the blessings of being the older son, from his father.  Jacob did not like this, so he chose to deceive his elderly father.  Jacob fled because he feared the anger of his brother, which he had stolen from.

Jacob had 10 sons with a woman named Leah, after the death of Leah, he marries her sister, Rachel, the woman whom he initially wanted to marry from the start.  With Rachel, he has two more sons, Joseph, and Benjamin.  Jacob favors Joseph.  On a level, he spoils Joseph, by clothing him in nicer garments than his older brothers, and giving him lighter work.  His brothers are angered by this and they grow jealous.  Joseph builds on their jealousy by telling them of dreams he had, where he was above them.  They became so envious, that they sold him into slavery.

Joseph was then transported to Egypt, where he was bought by the Captain of the Pharaoh’s men.  He was treated well, until he was falsely accused of an offense, and sent to prison.  While in prison, he interpreted the dreams of a couple of inmates, and he interpreted them accurately.  Pharaoh heard of this, and sent for Joseph, for he had been troubled with dreams of his own.  Joseph interpreted Pharaohs dream, and predicted a 7 year famine.  Egypt was able to preserve their resources and prepare for this famine.  When the famine finally did come, Egypt was prepared and survived because of the warning Joseph interpreted from the dream.

During this famine, Joseph’s brothers traveled to Egypt seeking provisions for their families.  Other Hebrews came as well.  Joseph reached out to his brothers, and forgave them for their offense.  Joseph had political power in Egypt, he made it possible for the Hebrews to live in Egypt.  After the death of Joseph, The Egyptians worried that the Hebrews would overpopulate and take over their land, so they enslaved the Hebrews.

Time passed, and the Egyptians still feared the growing population of the Hebrews, so the Pharaoh passed a law that all boys under the age of 2, must be put to death.  During the duration of this law, there was one important baby boy that was spared, this was Moses.  Moses was left by the river and eventually adopted by the pharaoh’s daughter.  Moses was raised in the household of the pharaoh; an unlikely fate for a Hebrew baby.

As Moses approached manhood, he took interest in the fate of the Hebrews, and related to them in different ways.  He once saw an overseer severely beat a slave, this angered Moses to the extent that he killed the overseer.  He feared the consequences of the offense so he fled to the desert.  While he was in the desert, he was instructed by God that he must lead his people from their bondage in Egypt and back to the land promised to Abraham by God.

Through a series of events, Moses succeeds in leading his people from Egypt.  Pharaoh changed his mind and went after the Hebrews, but God provided.  The Hebrews walked through the Red sea that was parted by the power of God and a path was made through it.  However, when Pharaoh and his men attempted in passing through it, it swept them up.

Moses succeeded in delivering the Hebrews from their bondage, to the promised land.  and there, after the death of Moses, they continued to shape Western civilization.

Element of Hierarchy in Genesis 1-3

In the very beginning of time, in the book of Genesis, which is he piece of literature that many believe, is where the origins of man began, there are various elements of hierarchy.  These elements of hierarchy really are the foundations on which the modern world was built.

The book of Genesis is believed by a majority to be the earliest account on man.  Adam was said to be the first man, and his wife, Eve, given to him by God, was said to be the first woman.  God created Adam, he gave Adam a beautiful place to live, he gave him superiority over all the animals, and he was given the task of naming all the creatures of the earth.  When God saw that Adam was lonely, he created the first woman as a fit companion for man.  This woman was given the name of Eve, and she became the companion of Adam.

God laid down a law, and told Adam the positive and negative sanctions of breaking this law.  He told Adam that he and the woman could eat from any tree in the Garden of Eden, except one.  They were forbidden to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil.  For if they ate of this fruit, they would die.  If they left this tree alone, they would have eternal life.  It was clear what they must do to please God, and for a period of time, Adam and Eve pleased God in their actions, and stayed strong in their faith.  However, this did not last, temptation and greed took over.

Eve was tempted by the serpent one day while she was in the garden.  The serpent told her that the reason God did not want her to eat the fruit, was because it would open her eyes and make her like a god, and that she would become more powerful than God.  Eve was confused as to what the truth was, she forfeited her faith in God, and believed the lies of the serpent.  After eating the fruit, she gave some to her husband, Adam.  They were immediately ashamed, they realized that they were naked, and so they hid themselves from God.

When God discovered what happened, he confronted Adam and Eve.  Adam blamed the sin on the creation of the woman, he said that he ate the fruit because she gave it to him.  Eve blamed the sin on the serpent.  They found fault in the creation.

Mankind is greedy, this has been true since the very creation of man, and it will probably be true until the end of time.  Mankind has a drive to grow and develop, and that is good in a sense, but when this drive turns into a greedy desire for more power, it is no longer good.  Greed drives faith away, and therefore brings negative sanctions.

God cursed them, but he was merciful and still gave them grace.  God cursed woman with the pain of childbirth, the grace in this is that woman could have children.  God cursed man with scarcity, the grace in this is that man would gain the value productivity and development.  They were cursed with death, but not immediate death.

Whether one believes the book of Genesis or not, it is the foundation of the modern world.