Following vs. Leading

Would I rather start a small business, or become a minimum wage apprentice to a mentor?  I believe that working for a mentor is a great prospect because of the amount I could learn.  If I work hard and pay attention to this knowledge.  I could transform it into a fortune.  I wouldn’t make as much money in the beginning, but I would rather take time to know what I’m doing than to hop right in and get lost in the shuffle.  Starting a business right away is also a great idea, but without having a mentor I will have to learn from my own mistakes, which is a setback. I think if I were to find an experienced and successful businessman, and convince him/ her to be my mentor, that experience would be priceless.  After working and learning for a while I could launch my own business, starting on the right foot.  Learning to follow before I try to take lead sounds like the smartest most secure choice.

The REAL cost of television.

In the past couple weeks I have been tracking my TV viewing hours.  I typically watch 5 hours of TV in a week.  Now what if I were to take these 5 hours and use them working hard on a business?  Here are some figures I came up with: 20 hours a month at $20 per hour, in 5 years I would make $29,304.48.  By age 70 I would have made $14,567,118.70, that is insane.  TV is not the best way for me to invest my time.

Before I was given the assignment, I challenged myself to stay off of social media (not including my blog) for six days out of the week.  Since I took that challenge I have had so much extra time.  I have been much more productive, and creative.  I never really noticed how much of my time was being sucked up by social media and television. I know now, I am determined to limit these hours and turn them into profit.

Major turning points in my life.

The following paragraphs contain several major turning points in my life. I just turned fifteen, so I can’t say that I have very many Major turning points, these are just a few events that have definitely changed my life.

One of the first turning points of my life was at age four, when my family moved.  We moved across state, so it wasn’t a drastic change, but we moved from a small neighborhood to forty acres of land.  We began raising chickens, goats, alpacas, we also had a donkey, a few dogs,  and after a while we got horses  I made new friends.  Every member of my family has built themselves up in this wonderful small community. If we hadn’t moved my life would be very different.  I am very glad that we moved.

I have two older brothers, three younger brothers, and a younger sister.  Everything changed whenever a baby was born.  Not just my life but the lives of everyone in my family.  These huge changes were always wonderful.

Another major turning point was at age ten when got my first horse.  My life since that day has been so different, for the better.  My mom purchased herself a mare (Mary.)  My parents bought a 19 year old mare (Zanaleane) for me.  (Zanaleane developed a medical problem In her foot so we had to sell her to someone who would use her as a pasture ornament, which broke my heart.)  A horse trainer friend lead us to my amazing gelding Cash. We purchased him and ever since I have been a happy cowgirl.

When I was thirteen,  I went to a 4H archery practice.  On that day I chose to join the 4H archery team.  I really started at the bottom, while my brother was very talented, I was slowly working my way up. At the end of the 4H year. Two of my brothers and I joined USA archery.  Since then I have really improved my shooting. The team we joined is an amazing team, with very talented archers and coaches.  Archery is now a very large part of my life.

I have always wanted an Australian shepherd dog.  I am fascinated by everything they do.  This past summer my Mom was on the internet and found a local woman who had a litter of Australian shepherd puppies.  I had some money in the bank it was just enough to pay for a female puppy.  I chose to buy one.  When we went to select from the litter, I saw the one I wanted and immediately fell in love.  I named her hazel.  This past fall I took a puppy training class. Where I learned to teach hazel basic obedience, and also a few tricks. During the summer I spent several Saturdays mucking horse stalls at a local horse farm to earn money to replace the money I had taken from my bank account.   I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to do something like this.