Procrastination kills.

From the putting off the cleaning up your bedroom in the morning, to pushing business deadlines, procrastination is a problem all people face.  While all people suffer procrastination, some people have developed effective ways of controlling it.  The select people who can control procrastination have proven their resist of procrastination through their success.  In order to achieve any level of success, you must first recognize that procrastination is a real problem.

Aspiring entrepreneurs that fear taking the risk, or have doubts, often suffer from procrastination.  This prevents them from performing to their full potential.  A large amount of good business ideas fall into eternal sleep because the person behind them procrastinated the task of executing them.

Procrastination is like the bad angel on your shoulder.  It consumes your potential to be successful in business, or any other aspect of life.  If it is easy to put it off today, it will be easier to put off tomorrow.  Later becomes never.  If there is a task at hand and you tell yourself that it can wait, and decide to put it off, rethink that situation.  How will you suffer, or what benefit will you miss out on if you do not complete that task.  Procrastination on small tasks will completely change one’s future, it will prevent them from reaching their life goals.

When the average person procrastinates on executing a business idea, that business goal is usually lost like dust in the wind.  Time does not slow down just because one person didn’t take action.  With no time at all, that person will run completely out of time to bring their business idea to life, and that “dream” will die.  The average person will spend their life looking back with regret as they go through the daily 9-5 shuffle.  And they die without leaving that legacy they once dreamed of.  Do not let this be your fate, take advantage of the little time you have, do not waste it.  If the benefits outweigh the consequences, then you will regret having not taken the risk, and pushing towards your goals.

The worst aspect of it all, is that we lie to ourselves when we procrastinate.  We make fake promises to ourselves regarding our goals by saying later when we really mean never.  We tell ourselves that we will do it, just not now.   If one lacks self-discipline and allows themselves to get away with the answer of ‘later,’ then they are reinforcing laziness.  Make yourself follow through with what you originally set out to do, and do not allow yourself to answer with ‘later.’

In conclusion, procrastination is a drug for the mind.  Like a drug, people continue to return to procrastination, they never get their fill.  It destroys lives, and people hate it, but sadly most people cannot turn themselves away from it.  There is no rehabilitation facility for people who suffer from procrastination.  If one wants to free their mind from the drug of procrastination, they must do this through their own methods and research.  Procrastination can be done away with, there are success stories that prove this to be true.  Procrastination kills, do not let it kill you.