English 2: Western Literature I

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Lesson 5 essay

Lesson 10 essay

Lesson 15 essay

Lesson 20 essay

Lesson 25 essay

Lesson 30 essay

Lesson 35 essay

Lesson 40 essay

Lesson 45 essay– Agamemnon

Lesson 50 essay– The libation bearers.

Lesson 54 essay– Comparison of ethics in Greek literature, part 1.

Lesson 55 essay– Comparison of ethics in Greek literature, part 2.

Lesson 60 essay – Cicero on Catiline.

Lesson 65 essay – Cicero on rhetoric.

Lesson 70 essay Optimistic view of Rome from Livy and Ovid.

Lesson 75 essay – Ovid’s view of the gods’ ethical performance.

Lesson 80 essay – Horace’s concept of personal ethical cause and effect.

Lesson 85 essay– The importance of the miracles in Mark.

Lesson 91 essay– According to Mark, what was the main issue dividing Jesus from the leaders of Israel?

Lesson 95 essay– Why were the Sadducees and the Apostles unable to find a way to reconcile their rival opinion.

Lesson 101 essay – The relationship between adoption and inheritance in Paul’s thought according to the Epistle’s.