Western Civilization 1

Lesson 5 essay

Lesson 10 essay

Lesson 15 essay

Lesson 20 essay

Lesson 25 essay – Aristotle’s ethics.

Lesson 30 essay

Lesson 35 essay– Madea

Lesson 40 essay

Lesson 45 essay– Struggle of the Orders.

Lesson 50 essay– The Augustan settlement and Important events in the Life of Julius Caesar.

Lesson 55 essay– Man’s unique good according to Seneca, and Trajan’s column.

Lesson 60 essay – Christianity vs. Greek religion.

Lesson 65 essay– Christian life between letter of Pliny and Edict of Milan.

Lesson 70 essay – Contribution of the monks, and Christian writers on classic Greek philosophers.

Lesson 75 essay – Christian influence on classic culture and the relationship between the Romans and Visigoths.

Lesson 80 essay– Significance of Rome, and significance of St. Augustine of Hippo

Lesson 85 essay– Shift of power from the Merovingians to the Carolingians, and the Frankish/Papal alliance.

Lesson 90 essay– The Carolingian Renaissance and the Spread of Christianity in England.

Lesson 95 essay – Islam from the Koran, and the Procopius portrayal of Justinian.