2 USP’s of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

What is a USP? A USP is a term used quite often in good advertising.  It stands for unique selling proposition.  It is a supreme benefit or hope of a supreme benefit, of the product, service, or even a company that is being advertised.  A USP is not always hard to write, but sometimes it can be a matter of finding a way to develop and share the product’s back story in just a few short words.  Regardless, finding the USP is an important task that should never be overlooked.  Below, are two USP’s of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

The Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC) teaches students to teach themselves based on the freedom philosophy.  You probably don’t need to be told how huge of a benefit this is.  The RPC is 98% self-taught.  This prepares students for college, and also gives them the ability to independently study, which they will use throughout their lives.  They learn the importance of finding solid sources to learn from.  When the time comes to enter college, students are expected to be independent and able to take on the load of self study.  Going into college prepared for this will put you ahead of the herd, and perhaps even save your sanity.  Taking good notes is key to self-study.  In this curriculum, students learn how to build the basic fundamentals in note-taking, which parents the skill of lecturing notes to the wall to make sure that the student has a solid understanding of the information.  This is a proven technique, and it will bring up the grades of even the poorest student.  The ability to self teach yourself allows you to become more independent and especially more efficient.  I can tell you from personal experience that the RPC completely transformed me and my poor methods of learning and retaining new information.  The self teaching techniques taught in this curriculum are fundamental, but effective.  This is unique, you will not find this in any other curriculum or school program.

The RPC provides 100% risk reversal.  To begin with, it costs only about $500 a year for a single student, less than that if more than one family member is enrolled.  This is a bargain for the quality education delivered.  But on top of the great price, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.  There is absolutely no risk involved.  If a family purchases several courses and they find that this curriculum does not fit all their needs, they can get a full refund and nothing is lost.  For every course, there are 180 lessons.  In each lesson, there is a reading assignment (or at the end of the week, a writing assignment), along with this, there is a roughly 25 minute lecture.  The lectures are delivered by the course providers, which, mainly in the high school courses, are college professors.  This is beyond worth the price, but if a potential customer is unsure, they can simple ask  for a refund in just minutes.  This is unique, and it is definitely a supreme benefit.  This is not offered by any other curriculum, program, or school opportunity, especially not one of this quality.  Why not try it, and see if this is what you need to transform your academic progress?  If it is not what you need, no problem.

How could I adopt Northup’s technique of using contrasts?

Solomon Northup was born and raised a free African-American man in the state of New York.  He lived a good life, and brought up a family, life was good for him, until the day he was kidnapped and sold into slavery.  For 12 years he worked on plantations in the state of Louisiana.  He lived in the corrupt system of slavery until alas he found a way to write a letter to his friends in New York, they worked out the details and he was freed from the evil system, able to return to his life as a free American man.  He wrote an autobiography in 1853 that described in detail his 12 years in bondage.  In 2013, a movie based on his narrative was released, it won an academy award for best picture of the year.   As he narrates, it is clear that he was considerate of the reader and put forth effort to keep the reader engaged.  But something else played a big role in the strength of the narrative, what? Contrasts.

Northup’s use of contrasts is what excites the reader to keep reading, or in the case of the movie, to continue watching.  One of the biggest contrasts regarding the treatment of the slaves was positive sanctions vs. negative sanctions.  The slave owners who treated their slaves with respect, and treated them right, only beating them if, and when absolutely necessary, recieved more efficient work from their slaves.  Obviously this meant that they had more prosperous plantations.  But there were slave owners who almost appeared to take pride in beating their slaves, they treated them like objects, and nearly beat them to death many times.  The slaves retaliated, no matter what they did, negative sanctions were inflicted.  They did what was necessary, or what they were able, but they had no motivation to work harder, nothing to look forward to.

This was the major contrast of the narrative, but upon reading it, you will find that he often uses contrasts to strengthen and deliver his story.

Now, back to the main question, how can I adopt Northup’s strategy of using contrasts?  The first step is observation, I will definitely be going back to review this autobiography.  When someone learns something new, they must first understand what it is they are learning.  Taking time to understand why and how contrasts are used when creating a narrative is the first step to adopting this strategy.

Currently, I keep notes on the important events in my life, later on in my life, I will combine them together to create an autobiography of my own.  Another step I could take towards adopting his strategy is assessing contrasts as I note down important events in my life.  And using these contrasts to explain relevancy and to keep the reader engaged, will strengthen my narrative.

I have a lot to learn in the respect of using contrasts in my narrative, but after reading this, I have gained at least a general idea of the steps I should begin taking to train myself.  Northup created a good model, and provided a good basis of what is possible when using this style of writing.

How to get a quality education that will provide you with a life-long advantage.

Your education is one of the biggest investments you will ever make.  Think about it, time is an irreplaceable resource which means you should be cautious where and how you invest your time.  In the world we live in today, there are a lot of corrupt policies in the government school system, students are  dulled down, their time is burnt away, and some of them even held back.  Students, possibly including you, carry a load of stress as they spend a majority of their youth lives in a classroom or working through piles of homework.  After all the time invested, is there a good return on that investment?   If you are fine with living and working under these conditions, that is your choice, which is one hundred percent okay, but there is an easier way, a way that will academically put you ahead of the herd.  This ‘way’ is not only affordable, but you will only be required to spend half of the time you would spend on daily work as you would at a public school.

The solution is the Ron Paul Curriculum.   Finding a good curriculum that provides all the material you need is a hard task.  Most online, or textbook home school programs go halfway, they are great in some aspects, but in other aspects they do not provide what you need.  As a student, or a parent searching for your child, you deserve the best available education, that is what this is.  I will admit, the RPC is not for everybody, but if you truly want to give yourself the best available option, it will work for you.

With the 100% money-back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk.  If you find that this is not what you want in education, in a small amount of time you can get a full refund.  It also requires no work from the parents, other than reviewing their child’s essays, this is not found in other online programs.  It is on-average $500 a year per student, less than that if you enroll more family members.  Whether you are a parent in search for a curriculum for your 5 year old, or whether you are a student entering your senior year of high school, or anywhere in between, you need to consider investing in this unique education opportunity.

I swapped to this curriculum from the frustration and confusion of other school programs.  Take my word, as a student, this curriculum has completely revolutionized my academic life.  When I started this curriculum, I was behind, I still have catching up to do, but the growth I have experienced since starting this curriculum is more than I have experienced in my past 5 years of school.

This is a one of a kind education opportunity.  There are two high school business courses.  Some of the information that is taught in these business courses is foreign to most middle-aged businessmen, some businessmen never learn these techniques.  As you can imagine, this gives students a tremendous advantage.  This is unique, you will not find this on any other online curriculum.  Most of the high school courses are taught by college professors who provide high level material putting willing students at an advantage.  Here is a list of courses.  Upon visiting the website, you will discover how many benefits this curriculum offers.

Quality education is not easy to find, but it could build a brighter future for you.