The lifestyle I want 20 years from now.

It is hard for me to know where I want to be twenty years from now, it seems like such a long time away, but in reality it is not that far into the future.  I have given some thought to the lifestyle I want in the future, but I am only fifteen years old and most likely my thoughts and plans are going to change, but “a bad plan is better than no plan.”  In the paragraph below I have written my general idea of where I see myself twenty years from now.

At the age of thirty-five (20 years from now,) I hope to have been married for around fifteen years.  I hope to be blessed with a handful of children, and I hope to have the opportunity to raise several animals.  I had the marvelous privilege of growing up out in the country, I hope to give my future children the same opportunity.  I would like to own a large piece of land in a good area and on it, I would like to have a nice house, nothing fancy, but something functional and peaceful.  I imagine my spouse and I would be  financially well-off, if things go well we should be looking pretty good as far as money goes.   I would hope to be a business partner with my future husband, but if not, I would probably run a small business of my own, preferably related to real estate.

The decisions I make now could have a huge effect on my future lifestyle.  For instance, if I start a business in high school, I will more likely be able to get ahead of the game.  If I go through with my plan to get married young, this outcome would be totally different than waiting and getting married later in life.  My plans probably will change, and that is okay, but at least I have a written general idea of the way I want to live my life in the future.

The target audience for my autobiography.

When I am ready to write my autobiography, I should write it with a target audience in mind.  Who will read it? Why will they read it?  Even though I do not know what I will accomplish or how my life will roll out, I hope that my autobiography will help people overcome their problems.  The #1 target audience for my autobiography would be my loved ones, my future children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and even my siblings.  It would give them insights into how I lived, the world around me, or even how I, or someone close to me overcame certain problems.  I cannot say how many times I have wished some of my ancestors had written autobiographies.   If they had, all of their descendants would hugely benefit from it.  If my autobiography never gets past the hands of my loved ones that is okay, but I want to be sure to leave the legacy of an autobiography.