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Essays are assigned by Mr. Bear who teaches the high school biology course of the Ron Paul curriculum.

Lesson 10 essay – Proteins vs. carbohydrates

lesson 20 essay – The growth of an organism explained on a cellular level.

Lesson 30 essay – Why men are more likely to be colorblind than women.

Lesson 40 essay – Cancer

Lesson 50 essay– Savanna vs. Tropical Rain Forest.

Lesson 60 essay– The impacts of mutualism, predation, and inter-specific competition.

Lesson 70 essay – The challenges of systematics and taxonomy.

Lesson 80 essay – Calvin cycle: how it is indirectly dependent on light.

Lesson 90 essay – Factors that delay reproduction of a plant and how they are actually useful to the plant

Lesson 100 essay – Soil is more than just “dirt” to supports plants.

Lesson 110 essay – Chordates, and how they are different from vertebrates.

Lesson 120 essay – Should all the species in the phylum arthropoda be classified under just one group?

Lesson 130 essay – What does it mean for a creature to be intelligent?

Lesson 140 essay – A deeper look at hunger and satiety

Lesson 150 essay– The key levels of organization involved in breathing.