Why running my own business, is a way to secure my employment in 2030.

As you know technology has grown, changing the world in many different ways.  Machines have made jobs easier and even replaced some jobs.  There are many new developments, robots that can handle simple tasks, soon more advanced tasks.  People are starting to wonder whether or not their jobs are under a threat.  Well it is true, there are many jobs that robots will replace, it is very likely that most employers, will replace their employees with robots, to maximize efficiency.

The clear way to guarantee your employment, is to start a business.  Becoming an entrepreneur, will secure your job, because you will be your own boss.  You will be able to hire people and machines as you please.  Of course there are a few jobs that robots won’t be able to do.  But I feel it is best to have your own business to be guaranteed your job.

Personally, I would want to see myself in 2030,  married, raising children, I feel that is my true calling, perhaps owning a small business on the side. I think if I were married and had kids, what if there were an accident and something happened to my spouse? What would my children and I do? I wouldn’t want to have to live on welfare.  That’s why I believe having a small business (that would be enlargeable if needed), would be a very smart idea.

Whether people like it or not, the amount of jobs will decrease, whether it be 10 years, or 30 years.  Machines will overpower the labor amount that man is capable of doing. So we have to start preparing ourselves. Honestly I believe, entrepreneurship is the most secure option.


English 1: Autobiographies, week 2, writing assignment

Here are three meaningful stories that if I were to write an Autobiography these three stories would be included. 

When I was four years old, my family lived in a neighborhood.  My Mom and Dad made the decision to move to some land, and they looked at many houses in several areas.  They found a nice house on 40 acres in a good area.  I actually hated the idea of moving. I really liked the house that we lived in at the time.  Although I don’t remember all of the reasons for or not wanting to move, one was  pictures my Grandma had painted.  She was a very talented artist she painted a lot of beautiful pictures.  One time she came to our house and on my wall she painted five or six little pictures of butterflies,  birds, caterpillars, ect.  I remember sitting on my bed with her watching her paint them on the wall. Those little pictures were  and are precious to me.  Because they were painted directly on the wall there wasn’t a way to take them with us.  After a little while I adjusted and I really liked the new house, because of the amount of land we have the ability to raise animals, hunt on our own land, grow a lot of our own food, and we had a creek.  Today we still live in that house and I am very glad that we do.

When I was born I had two older brothers, when I was two, a third brother was born.  As I got older I began to really want a sister, I saved my clothes that were two small I saved my toys that were too young. Every time I prayed I asked God for a baby sister. Then when I was 4 my Mom had another baby but again this one was a boy. I loved and very much still do love my brothers, but I still wanted a baby sister. I continued to save my things and I kept on praying and hoping that one day God would give me a sister. When I was six years old we found out my Mom was pregnant with a baby Girl!! Words cannot describe how exited I was. I remember the day my parents brought her home she was so small. I also remember asking her name (because my mom and Dad named her at the hospital and I didn’t know the name yet) and my Mom told me Catherine it was and is such a beautiful name.  I was so happy that God had answered my prayer.

Ever since I can remember, Horses have been a very Large part of my life.  Simply everything about them fascinates me.  There is nothing better than a nice long ride, but sometimes things can get rough.  July, 18, 2015, I was riding my big red horse Cash, at a junior rodeo. When we got there we saddled up and  then got warmed up, everything felt great.  When we got called for the first event which was western pleasure, we entered the arena walking , trotting, turning around,  loping, whatever  the judge asked us to do.  When the judge was done judging, all of the riders got called to line up in  the center of the arena, then the announcer called my name as first place I whispered “we did it” to Cash.  Then it was time for barrels when my name was called I took a deep breath as I entered the arena we went the first barrel then the second then the third it was a great run, so far.  Then, unexpectedly,  just before the timer I shot up then back down. I realized Cash was bucking, and he was bucking hard. Then it felt like I landed on his neck for a second.  I flipped off, onto my face, then flipped onto my back, my mouth was packed with arena sand. I stood up as fast as possible so that Cash wouldn’t accidently step on me.  Then I saw several people in front of me saying, “you okay”?  I was suddenly so thankful that I could see and hear, to know was alive.  There was an orthopedic doctor there who saw how I landed and recommended we go to the  E.R.  we went and  got some X-rays and everything was fine.  my nose was bruised up and my face was a little skinned, the doctor also told me to take it easy for a month just to be on the safe side.  That Sunday after church I went out and rode him again,  I just walked him around the arena it was relaxing and quiet, it built my confidence back.  It changed my perspective, and made me a bit more cautious.