What is The Best Route For my Future?

“If I pay for 100% of my college education, would I be better off if my parents will give me a college graduation present: half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college costs?”

College is expensive.  Most people attend college to please family or get a degree to ensure a job, there is also a majority that attend college for the “social experience.” Very few actually attend college to improve themselves academically.  Whether you are going to get a degree to ensure a job, or whether you actually crave the education colleges offer, there is not a reason to pay the full retail price.  There are strategies that allow you to finish college faster, learn better, and pay under $15,000 for your full college education.  These strategies are not obvious to the public, but they are allowed by most colleges and they are legal.  Aspiring college students who do not take advantage of these strategies to get through the loopholes, will short-change themselves, and probably end up with painful student loans.

As of now, I am not sure what I plan to do regarding college.  If I do get a degree, I will put in full effort to get my degree as fast and affordable as possible.

Now, back on topic.  My parents have 7 children.  The cost of sending each one of us to college traditionally, would cost them a pretty penny.  It is my understanding that they expect each one of us to pay 100% for our college educations, this is what their parents did, and I agree with this idea.  If a student has to pay for their own college, they are more apt to respect the investment and push themselves to get the most of the education provided to them.  With that said, I am not sure how to answer Dr. North’s initial question.  My parents do not presently plan to pay any amount for my college education.  If I am in serious financial trouble, they will give me a loan to help me get back on my feet, but I do not plan to be in serious financial trouble in college, or any other period of my life.

If I pay for 100% of my college education, and then get finished a year early, I will have a good financial situation for myself.  Not only will I have an early start to the job market, but I will also have no student loans.  I will be able to invest in a house, and focus on my career.  This is a much better route financially than traditional ways of attending college would provide me.

I am currently working a part time job, this will fund the CLEP tests I take, and if I continue to set money aside, I will be able to pay for the 2 final years of my college education and earn my B. A. without debt.  I will learn to multi-task and I will put in my best effort to make this work.

By taking this easier route, and by taking advantage of opportunity, I will be giving myself a college graduation present.  There is a way to save time and money in college, and I am confident that I am capable of getting my degree using these wholesale methods.

What is my most important skill that I can use in starting my business this year?

It is difficult for me to identify my MOST important skill that I can use in starting my business this year. Throughout the business 1 course, I have been developing a series of smaller skills all of  which are crucial to a successful business.  While all of these smaller skills are important, they serve as the mortar between the bricks.  There are two main skills that will really be the building bricks of my business.

The most important skill I possess, is my writing skills.  I currently have rather poor writing skills, but through the courses of the Ron Paul Curriculum, I have made significant progress.  The development of my writing skills since starting the Ron Paul Curriculum has been truly amazing, and I am very grateful for my instructors who have helped me with this.  Throughout the rest of my high school classes, I will continue to build these skills.

There are a lot of weak spots in my writing, I am constantly trying to fix those weak areas and become a more persuasive writer.  Writing is a crucial aspect of almost every business startup.  Therefore it would be wise for me to devote as much time as possible to improving my writing skills.  Many successful writers have said that the key is persistence.  If you look at the higher percentage of successful writers, you will see that they put in the work to get where they are.  They practiced, they wrote as much and as often as possible, it would be wise to follow in their footsteps.

Another skill that will be of substantial use when I start my business is the ability to see and understand situations from another person’s perspective.  This is a skill that I have been investing a lot of work in over the past 6 months.  I have made some improvements.  This skill is crucial to providing good customer service.  It will help in building business relationships, and especially help in negotiations.  In Dale Carnegie’s book “How to win friends and influence people,” my mind was opened to the potential of obtaining this skill.  When you can get insights from the other person’s point of view, you can then do your best to provide them with the highest return on their investment.

If people understand that you respect them and have sympathy for their situation, they will trust you on a deeper level and this will make them want to purchase from you over your competitor.  I have applied this to several areas of my life.  Instead of babbling about myself, I want to understand the other side of the situation on a deep level and support the other person’s judgment.

Skill and experience are the most valuable aspects of building a successful business.  At my age, and point of life, I lack in both skill and experience.  I have the time to invest to discover what works and what doesn’t.  The opportunity to obtain skill and experience are available to me, and I would be a fool to not take advantage of these while I am still free of major responsibility.

My 9-month plan to get a part-time job at no less than $20/hour to help a businessman improve his marketing.

Over the span of the business I course of the Ron Paul Curriculum, I have learned material from many different advertising professionals.  I have had unique insights to countless marketing techniques and tools, this is rare for a person at my age and experience level.  I have a lot to learn, I have a lot of training to undergo, but with the help of this course, I have built the basic foundations that are required for a career in advertising.

Local businessmen may think they are doing everything in their power to seek out new customers, but are they?  Most businessmen are blind to some of the key techniques of marketing, this is because most of their competitors aren’t using these techniques either.  With a few simple system improvements and a lot of testing they could reach a pool of new customers in their area.

Most businessmen invest their marketing budget in newspaper and Yellow Page ads.  These methods of advertising were once the prime way to advertise, but they are dying.  Businessmen who invest in ad space in Yellow Pages and newspapers are throwing money down the drain, there is a more effective up-to-date way for local businesses to advertise.  To learn more click here.

Thanks to Dr. Gary North, the instructor of the Business 1 class of the Ron Paul Curriculum, I have learned what I must do to master the skills of becoming an effective marketer using Google AdWords.  I have seen insights into the careers and methods of successful local business marketers.

All of the things I have been taught over this course set me up for a beginning business opportunity.  Most local business owners know nothing of these techniques and therefore they have not implemented them into their advertising.  Dr. North has instructed me and given me sources to help these businesses with their marketing.

At the end of the business II course, Dr. North has promised that he would give students a report that they will take and present to local business owner’s.  This report contains information and statistics on what businessman are already doing, and what is choking them in their advertising.  It demonstrates to them that the old ways are dying away and it’s time to moderate their systems.

My 9-month plan to get a part-time job, assisting local businessman with their advertising consists of a few basic goals that need to be broken down into smaller steps.  Currently, as you can probably tell, I am not ready yet.  I need to expand my knowledge and my skills, and I will do this by finishing both of the business courses offered by the Ron Paul Curriculum.  Along with this, I plan to do research in my spare time.

I can get practice by launching my own smaller business plan and applying the same techniques to my small business.  I have started a WordPress.org blog, as well as a test website, so I have the option to practice with templates and ideas for landing pages and other technical skills.  I can develop my speech skills through note-taking and re-lecturing my notes from the classes of the Ron Paul Curriculum.  I will then follow the instructions given by Dr. North, to take his manual and seek out businessmen who need help.

I realize I have a lot to do to prepare myself, but I am confident that I can do this.  I am confident that by the end of the business II course I will be prepared to start seeking for clients in my area.

What You Must Do to Take Your Local Business Marketing to The Next Level and How to Do It.

“Write the text for a Bob Bly-style landing page that promotes Google AdWords for a local business.”

Local Businesses Have an Opportunity to Market Themselves, and It is More Effective Than Any Other Marketing Method….

Local businesses used to prosper by advertising in Yellow Pages, or even local magazines and newspapers, but that all changed when the internet came along and transformed the world.  People spend a great deal of their time searching the internet, so it only makes sense for businesses to advertise their products and services through the internet.

There is now a new and improved way to reach potential buyers.  It is much more affordable than yellow page ads, and it actually reaches more prospects and allows marketers to track their response rates in an easier way.  What is this revolutionary marketing tool?  Google AdWords.

Google AdWords has provided local, and world-wide business owners with an effective means of putting their ads in front of their target audiences.

Click here to learn more.

Once a businessman learns how to effectively create and run ads on Google AdWords, he or she will have a tremendous advantage over his or her competitors.

Click here to read success stories of businesses that used AdWords to advertise their product or service.  As you may notice, many of the reviews on the list are world-wide,or at least international companies.  Know that AdWords works just as well or better for local business advertising.

  • You can specify a geographic circle that you want to target, and Google will run your ads in that area.
  • Once you set the budget, Google will not spend more than you allow on advertising.
  • You can specify what times you want your ads to run so that they line up with business hours.
  • You can set up a phone number so that prospects will have a “call now” button.
  • You will save time and money, and generate a higher ROI than advertising in a newspaper or local magazine.
  • The target audience will be screened out from the rest of the crowd.
  • If you have a strong ad, it will be placed higher in Google search results than an ad with poor structure.
  • You will have the ability to match your AdWords ad with your site’s landing page.
  • AdWords is compatible with mobile devices (which is good considering the number of mobile searches now outweighs the number of desktop searches).
  • Scientific A/B testing is easier than ever.
  • You will get rapid test results.
  • And more…

AdWords offers the full package.  And you get to choose how much you spend.

If you own a local business and you do not use Google AdWords to market your product or service, you will get lost in the shuffle.  We live in a new age of technology and if businesses do not advertise themselves on desktops and mobile devices, they will not reach their target audience.

Take advantage of this effective tool today.  Do not continue to hide yourself from potential buyers.

Click here for more information.

To learn more about how to use this tool, order and read the Ultimate Guide To Local Business Marketing.


Marketing advantages.

“What marketing advantages do I now have that I did not have when the week began?”

Throughout the past week of coursework in the business 1 class of the Ron Paul Curriculum, I have been introduced to several key tools of marketing.  This is an unusual advantage for a person at my age and experience level.  I have been assigned Ultimate guide to local business marketing by Perry Marshall and Talor Zamir.  I have also watched and taken notes on the daily lectures given by Dr. Gary North, as well as studied ads written by Bob Bly.  Over this past week I have acquired several advantages that I did not have when the week began.

For a local business website, a landing page is crucial.  Throughout this week’s work, I have been taught the basic guidelines of a good landing page.  The landing page is the place potential buyers should be directed after they click the Google AdWords ad.  For a landing page to be successful, the copy writer must list all the known benefits in a way that motivates the reader to take an action step.  If the copy writer is good, they should be able to generate excitement in the potential customer, and make them crave the lifestyle that this product or service will give them.  If only a few benefits are listed, the customer may not make the purchase when perhaps they would have had all the benefits been listed.  It is important in a landing page to give the reader every reason possible to make the purchase.

A landing page must be clear and functional.  People are lazy, they are not going to dig for information in an ad.  The action step must be clear.  It is crucial that the potential customer knows what it is that you want them to do.  Lay out the navigation system of your website, make it easy enough for a 5 year old to navigate it.  If the action step, and the website options are both clear then there is a much higher chance of the reader making a purchase.

Once an effective landing page has been developed for the business website, it needs to be advertised to the target audience.  Google AdWords is the most effective way to put your business before a thirsty crowd.  There were days when Yellow pages, or perhaps local newspapers were the best way to advertise local business, but those methods of advertising are becoming a thing of the past.  Among the new solutions, Google AdWords has proven to deliver the best results.  AdWords offers a package that allows business owners to create a target map, and select keywords to help deliver their product or service to potential buyers in that geographic circle.  Business owners have the option to choose whether they want to target a geographic area, or a group of specific people spread throughout the world, and they offer many options in between.  It gives business owners flexibility, but it also makes it easier for the customer to find the business they’re searching for.  AdWords is an effective tool, and business owners that ignore this will not gain full potential, and may end up failing in this fast moving world.

I have learned a lot of material this week that was taught by several different successful businessmen.  These businessmen have taught many basic principles, and advised me and other aspiring marketers in what needs to be done to implement these techniques into a marketing career.

Procrastination kills.

From the putting off the cleaning up your bedroom in the morning, to pushing business deadlines, procrastination is a problem all people face.  While all people suffer procrastination, some people have developed effective ways of controlling it.  The select people who can control procrastination have proven their resist of procrastination through their success.  In order to achieve any level of success, you must first recognize that procrastination is a real problem.

Aspiring entrepreneurs that fear taking the risk, or have doubts, often suffer from procrastination.  This prevents them from performing to their full potential.  A large amount of good business ideas fall into eternal sleep because the person behind them procrastinated the task of executing them.

Procrastination is like the bad angel on your shoulder.  It consumes your potential to be successful in business, or any other aspect of life.  If it is easy to put it off today, it will be easier to put off tomorrow.  Later becomes never.  If there is a task at hand and you tell yourself that it can wait, and decide to put it off, rethink that situation.  How will you suffer, or what benefit will you miss out on if you do not complete that task.  Procrastination on small tasks will completely change one’s future, it will prevent them from reaching their life goals.

When the average person procrastinates on executing a business idea, that business goal is usually lost like dust in the wind.  Time does not slow down just because one person didn’t take action.  With no time at all, that person will run completely out of time to bring their business idea to life, and that “dream” will die.  The average person will spend their life looking back with regret as they go through the daily 9-5 shuffle.  And they die without leaving that legacy they once dreamed of.  Do not let this be your fate, take advantage of the little time you have, do not waste it.  If the benefits outweigh the consequences, then you will regret having not taken the risk, and pushing towards your goals.

The worst aspect of it all, is that we lie to ourselves when we procrastinate.  We make fake promises to ourselves regarding our goals by saying later when we really mean never.  We tell ourselves that we will do it, just not now.   If one lacks self-discipline and allows themselves to get away with the answer of ‘later,’ then they are reinforcing laziness.  Make yourself follow through with what you originally set out to do, and do not allow yourself to answer with ‘later.’

In conclusion, procrastination is a drug for the mind.  Like a drug, people continue to return to procrastination, they never get their fill.  It destroys lives, and people hate it, but sadly most people cannot turn themselves away from it.  There is no rehabilitation facility for people who suffer from procrastination.  If one wants to free their mind from the drug of procrastination, they must do this through their own methods and research.  Procrastination can be done away with, there are success stories that prove this to be true.  Procrastination kills, do not let it kill you.


The education you deserve.

Education is important.  There are so many options for education in today’s world that it can be quite overwhelming to find the right one that will provide you with the benefits you deserve.   The Ron Paul curriculum could be the answer you are looking for, and it is 100% risk-free, so if you find that it is not what you are looking for, no problem.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund in a matter of minutes.  The membership and every course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  Along with this, the Ron Paul curriculum has many policies that make your academic life easier and more meaningful.

Parents are not required to do anything.  In the first few grades, parent should assist their child in operating the computer, or answering any questions.  But beyond 3rd-4th grade the parents do not have to do anything.  This does not mean they can’t, they are welcome to so much as take the classes with the students if they like.  They are given the option to be flexible.  Why don’t parents have to do anything?  Because this curriculum is 98% self-taught.  Coming from a student, I can tell you that the self-taught aspect will transform the way a student learns, students will become more independent, and will be able to assess information in a more organized and intelligent manner.  This is a skill students will be expected to have if and when they enter college, public schools do not train students to be self-taught.  The RPC will give you an opportunity to put yourself ahead.

Imagine how nice it would be to have more flexibility in your schedule, the ability to allocate your time to be more productive, and enjoy life more.  The RPC lessons can be done anytime and anywhere that you have a computer and WI-fi, this is great for students in high school who have jobs.  It can be hard to be flexible when you attend a public or private school, as the system has to adjust itself to the population, not the individual.

When you sign up for the family membership, you get a free “academic boot camp” course.  Dr. North assessed it in the most straightforward way:

Raise Your Grades, Learn College-Level Study Skills, and Begin Lifetime Leadership Training.

Not textbooks!  Textbooks are expensive, they are bulky, and after you are finished with them, chances are, you will never use them again.  You can always sell them, but this takes time.  The RPC has no textbooks, with the exception of the business 1 course, and for valid reasons.  The reading material is all found in on-site PDF’s, this simplifies everything and saves a lot of money.

Different students have different opinions and different reactions to certain benefits.  But one of the most universal techniques learned from the RPC is the skill of effective writing.  No matter who you are, no matter the level of your writing skills, you will see an improvement in your ability to write.   With weekly writing assignments, students learn and practice their writing on a set schedule.  The ability to write is a crucial skill that you will use throughout your life.

At this point, you probably have doubts about this curriculum, and to be fair, this curriculum is not for everybody, there is a chance it will not work for you.  But as I said previously, there is a 100% money-back guarantee, there is no risk.  If you begin this curriculum and discover that it is not what you seek in your education, you can get a full refund in a matter of minutes.  Give yourself the education you deserve, and open the doors to new opportunities.






2 USP’s of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

What is a USP? A USP is a term used quite often in good advertising.  It stands for unique selling proposition.  It is a supreme benefit or hope of a supreme benefit, of the product, service, or even a company that is being advertised.  A USP is not always hard to write, but sometimes it can be a matter of finding a way to develop and share the product’s back story in just a few short words.  Regardless, finding the USP is an important task that should never be overlooked.  Below, are two USP’s of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

The Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC) teaches students to teach themselves based on the freedom philosophy.  You probably don’t need to be told how huge of a benefit this is.  The RPC is 98% self-taught.  This prepares students for college, and also gives them the ability to independently study, which they will use throughout their lives.  They learn the importance of finding solid sources to learn from.  When the time comes to enter college, students are expected to be independent and able to take on the load of self study.  Going into college prepared for this will put you ahead of the herd, and perhaps even save your sanity.  Taking good notes is key to self-study.  In this curriculum, students learn how to build the basic fundamentals in note-taking, which parents the skill of lecturing notes to the wall to make sure that the student has a solid understanding of the information.  This is a proven technique, and it will bring up the grades of even the poorest student.  The ability to self teach yourself allows you to become more independent and especially more efficient.  I can tell you from personal experience that the RPC completely transformed me and my poor methods of learning and retaining new information.  The self teaching techniques taught in this curriculum are fundamental, but effective.  This is unique, you will not find this in any other curriculum or school program.

The RPC provides 100% risk reversal.  To begin with, it costs only about $500 a year for a single student, less than that if more than one family member is enrolled.  This is a bargain for the quality education delivered.  But on top of the great price, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.  There is absolutely no risk involved.  If a family purchases several courses and they find that this curriculum does not fit all their needs, they can get a full refund and nothing is lost.  For every course, there are 180 lessons.  In each lesson, there is a reading assignment (or at the end of the week, a writing assignment), along with this, there is a roughly 25 minute lecture.  The lectures are delivered by the course providers, which, mainly in the high school courses, are college professors.  This is beyond worth the price, but if a potential customer is unsure, they can simple ask  for a refund in just minutes.  This is unique, and it is definitely a supreme benefit.  This is not offered by any other curriculum, program, or school opportunity, especially not one of this quality.  Why not try it, and see if this is what you need to transform your academic progress?  If it is not what you need, no problem.

How to get a quality education that will provide you with a life-long advantage.

Your education is one of the biggest investments you will ever make.  Think about it, time is an irreplaceable resource which means you should be cautious where and how you invest your time.  In the world we live in today, there are a lot of corrupt policies in the government school system, students are  dulled down, their time is burnt away, and some of them even held back.  Students, possibly including you, carry a load of stress as they spend a majority of their youth lives in a classroom or working through piles of homework.  After all the time invested, is there a good return on that investment?   If you are fine with living and working under these conditions, that is your choice, which is one hundred percent okay, but there is an easier way, a way that will academically put you ahead of the herd.  This ‘way’ is not only affordable, but you will only be required to spend half of the time you would spend on daily work as you would at a public school.

The solution is the Ron Paul Curriculum.   Finding a good curriculum that provides all the material you need is a hard task.  Most online, or textbook home school programs go halfway, they are great in some aspects, but in other aspects they do not provide what you need.  As a student, or a parent searching for your child, you deserve the best available education, that is what this is.  I will admit, the RPC is not for everybody, but if you truly want to give yourself the best available option, it will work for you.

With the 100% money-back guarantee, there is absolutely no risk.  If you find that this is not what you want in education, in a small amount of time you can get a full refund.  It also requires no work from the parents, other than reviewing their child’s essays, this is not found in other online programs.  It is on-average $500 a year per student, less than that if you enroll more family members.  Whether you are a parent in search for a curriculum for your 5 year old, or whether you are a student entering your senior year of high school, or anywhere in between, you need to consider investing in this unique education opportunity.

I swapped to this curriculum from the frustration and confusion of other school programs.  Take my word, as a student, this curriculum has completely revolutionized my academic life.  When I started this curriculum, I was behind, I still have catching up to do, but the growth I have experienced since starting this curriculum is more than I have experienced in my past 5 years of school.

This is a one of a kind education opportunity.  There are two high school business courses.  Some of the information that is taught in these business courses is foreign to most middle-aged businessmen, some businessmen never learn these techniques.  As you can imagine, this gives students a tremendous advantage.  This is unique, you will not find this on any other online curriculum.  Most of the high school courses are taught by college professors who provide high level material putting willing students at an advantage.  Here is a list of courses.  Upon visiting the website, you will discover how many benefits this curriculum offers.

Quality education is not easy to find, but it could build a brighter future for you.

15 Benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum

  1. Instruction and guidelines to becoming a more effective writer.  Prior to starting this curriculum I had very little writing experience, previous school enrollments cut both my parents and me short by not properly training me in the field of writing.  By all means, I am not a great writer now, I have a long way to go before I achieve any level of success in writing, but I have come a long way since starting this curriculum and I continue to learn more with every day.
  2. Persistent writing assignments.  In most classes, students are assigned weekly writing assignments, from my experience these average 500 words.  Once completed the student posts these essays on a WordPress blog, and posts a link in the appropriate forum on the RPC website so that other students can read their essays.  This gives students a means of practice and constant drive to improve their writing.
  3. This curriculum is academically rigorous.  I have discussed with several other students and we all agree that coming to the RPC was a big step up from whatever school curriculum we came from.  In most of the high school courses, the teachers are college level teachers they do not leave blank spots, they cover everything.  Within a month of joining this curriculum, students will see a major incline to their academic progress.
  4. Time management skills. Especially in high-school, students face the difficult task of balancing school with a job, business, or perhaps a sport or other activity.  The RPC allows you to create a flexible schedule, and gives you the opportunity to balance your time to maximize productivity.  Again, this is is a skill that has been growing since I started the RPC.  I have a lot to work on in the way of time management, but I have improved since starting this curriculum and I continue to improve through persistence.   
  5. Development of note taking skills.  Taking notes is a valuable skill needed by students of every level.  This curriculum teaches students how to take good notes, and apply them to their study to maximize the information learned.
  6. The opportunity to learn from/teach other students.  On the website, available exclusively to members, there are forums for every course as well as a discussion forum for students, and several parent forums.  When a student has a question they can leave it on the forum and it will most likely be answered within 24 hours.  We learn by teaching, this is a unique benefit not offered by most other online school sources.  I have made connections with some of the other students, some of which I talk to everyday, I consider some of them good friends.  This provides the social aspect, without classroom distraction.
  7. A flexible schedule.  The classes can be taken anytime, anywhere.  This allows students to make their own schedule, and have the flexibility to change it anytime.
  8. Students learn how to operate WordPress.  Each student is asked to create a WordPress blog to post writing assignments on, this is not required, but it is highly recommended.  Students are walked through the basics, and they will learn a lot through personal experience.  This is a good skill to have.
  9. Self taught.  98% self taught is a huge benefit.  Students learn how to be more independent in their educational lives.  This is a good preparation for college, and learning throughout life.
  10. 2 high school business course taught by successful businessmen.  In today’s world, a job can be risky and insecure.  Starting a solid business is a good idea and this curriculum provides 2 years of business training taught by men who have achieved success in business, you will not find this anywhere else.
  11. It is light on parents.  Parents are required to do very little as far as teaching goes.  I go to my parents for advice because my dad is a chemist and my mom is an accountant. They have experience in these fields so they occasionally help explain certain concepts, but for the most part they do not have to do much.  This is a benefit for both the parent and the student.
  12. There are no textbooks to buy.  With the exception of the business course there are no textbooks.  This is not only more affordable, but there is less bulk.  It is easiest to have everything in one place, so downloadable PDF’s make everything more simple.
  13. No “busy work.”  While this curriculum is rigorous everything you do has meaning.  There is no pointless time-consuming work.  Each class takes at the most 1 hour a day.
  14. Guidelines to take cram courses to CLEP out of your first two years of college, so that you have the opportunity to enter college as a junior.  There are ways to beat the system and save time and money on a college education.  The RPC offers everything you need to start this on the right foot.
  15. Type speed.  Through weekly essays, and research, I have more than doubled my typing speed.  I have been learning from other online sources, but without this curriculum I never would have sought out ways to improve my speed.