The Business Opportunity of Social Media Management.

A majority of individuals spend a vast amount of their time on various social media platforms, this poses opportunity for businesses to get in front of their customer.  All business professionals and other individuals need to keep a clean, updated online social profile.  People visit social media websites everyday, it is a waste for celebrities or businesses to not engage on this huge social hub.

No business or individual spends their entire advertising budget to be on a billboard in an extremely rural area, rather, they spend their money advertising on billboards in the city; where the majority of people are.  Facebook has approximately 1.49 billion active users, that is a lot of people, and the number is constantly growing.  These are people of all ages and interests, and they go on Facebook daily to find things of interest to them.  The potential customer is there and can be targeted easily.

Celebrities and small businesses need to be out there, but they do not always have the time and the “know-how” to reach their audience through social media platforms.  This creates a business opportunity for individuals who have a professional knowledge of social media management and marketing.  There is a broad customer base.  Businesses need a professional to create social buzz for them, they need to create a social experience for their customers.  This is not always easy.  To be successful, the individual needs to know how to attract people and keep them engaged.  This profits the celebrity or business because they need people on social media platforms to be following them and engaging in their content, they just need someone to professionally produce and manage that content.

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