The Business Opportunity of Audio Production.

The opportunity of audio production provides a lot of learning opportunity and can later develop into a successful business.

What are some of the opportunities here?  First, there are podcasts, as you may already know, podcasts are changing a lot of daily routines.  Rather than listening to the radio on the way to work, many people are substituting radio with a podcast on a topic of their choice.  When getting ready in the morning, it is easy to play a podcast, and in even some simple jobs, employees are able to listen to a podcast while they work.  These people are always looking for new content, however, they want professional content relevant to their interest.

To be successful at creating podcasts, you must have either have a niche, or talk about something very generally applicable.  When you have good content, you still need skills and tools to produce this content (that is where the learning opportunity comes in).  Then, in order to make money doing this, you must advertise in your podcasts, and/or sell your own products.  Podcasts are generally free (unless you choose to charge, and face the competition of all the free podcasts) and therefore you must advertise in the podcast, in order to make money.

Another way to make money in podcasts is by managing and producing podcasts for individuals that would like to have a podcast, but do not have time or skill to edit, produce and advertise.  It is a great industry, and it’s only going to expand.

Another business opportunity is the production of audio-books.  A lot of people who don’t have time to read, listen to books rather than read.  Audio-books are becoming more and more popular and that demand is only going to grow.  There are a lot of published authors who have printed books but they do not have an audio version of their book, this is a waste or the book’s potential.  In today’s world, it is almost more important to have an audio version than to have a printed version of a book.

This poses a business opportunity, some authors don’t have the time or resources to convert their book into audio format, and need someone to assist them in this.  The book needs to be recorded (with good equipment) and then edited and produced, and if the author is not well known, it will also need advertising.  This is an industry that will only expand in the coming years.

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