What is The Best Route For my Future?

“If I pay for 100% of my college education, would I be better off if my parents will give me a college graduation present: half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college costs?”

College is expensive.  Most people attend college to please family or get a degree to ensure a job, there is also a majority that attend college for the “social experience.” Very few actually attend college to improve themselves academically.  Whether you are going to get a degree to ensure a job, or whether you actually crave the education colleges offer, there is not a reason to pay the full retail price.  There are strategies that allow you to finish college faster, learn better, and pay under $15,000 for your full college education.  These strategies are not obvious to the public, but they are allowed by most colleges and they are legal.  Aspiring college students who do not take advantage of these strategies to get through the loopholes, will short-change themselves, and probably end up with painful student loans.

As of now, I am not sure what I plan to do regarding college.  If I do get a degree, I will put in full effort to get my degree as fast and affordable as possible.

Now, back on topic.  My parents have 7 children.  The cost of sending each one of us to college traditionally, would cost them a pretty penny.  It is my understanding that they expect each one of us to pay 100% for our college educations, this is what their parents did, and I agree with this idea.  If a student has to pay for their own college, they are more apt to respect the investment and push themselves to get the most of the education provided to them.  With that said, I am not sure how to answer Dr. North’s initial question.  My parents do not presently plan to pay any amount for my college education.  If I am in serious financial trouble, they will give me a loan to help me get back on my feet, but I do not plan to be in serious financial trouble in college, or any other period of my life.

If I pay for 100% of my college education, and then get finished a year early, I will have a good financial situation for myself.  Not only will I have an early start to the job market, but I will also have no student loans.  I will be able to invest in a house, and focus on my career.  This is a much better route financially than traditional ways of attending college would provide me.

I am currently working a part time job, this will fund the CLEP tests I take, and if I continue to set money aside, I will be able to pay for the 2 final years of my college education and earn my B. A. without debt.  I will learn to multi-task and I will put in my best effort to make this work.

By taking this easier route, and by taking advantage of opportunity, I will be giving myself a college graduation present.  There is a way to save time and money in college, and I am confident that I am capable of getting my degree using these wholesale methods.

4 thoughts on “What is The Best Route For my Future?

  1. Deb

    Good work kid. You are a credit to your parents regardless of how the college situation pans out for you. You have a great attitude, that’s going to be your best asset. Well done Mom & Dad!

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