How important is it for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of an autobiography?

What is an autobiography?  An autobiography is an account of a person’s life written by that person.  When you are trying to learn about someone, a biography can bea very helpful tool because the author of that biography spent a lot of time studying the particular person.  But, think about it, what if you could read an account of the person’s life, that the specific person wrote.  That would be a much more accurate insight into the person’s life and how they interpreted the world.  An autobiography is a powerful tool if written in the correct way, but there are many people who write autobiographies that never get any attention because they do not deliver their philosophy on life in a clear message.  It is important when writing an autobiography to consider the reader, and do everything you can to help the reader understand who you are and what is going on.

It is incredibly important for a person to summarize his philosophy on life in an early chapter of their autobiography, for many reasons.  Without doing this, there is a very low chance that the autobiography will be successful, and there is an even lower chance that it will have an impact on individuals.  There are two main reasons why this is an important step in the development of one’s autobiography.

The first reason being that no one will show interest, nor will they even bother to even read the autobiography.  When you walk through a bookstore or library you realize how many books there really are.  Even at all of those places in your area combined, there is an incredibly low percent of books displayed on their shelves.  Basically, there are a LOT of books in the world, most of which have benefits and reviews that are very appealing to most readers.  In today’s world, you had better be clear with your autobiography or people will simply no invest their precious time in it.  You must summarize your philosophy of life in the beginning chapters so that readers know where you stand and what you mean by your writing.  If readers do not understand why certain things are important to you they will not bother to read your autobiography.

The other main reason is more about gaining the trust of the reader and having an effect on their life.  To truly impact the life of the reader, you must summarize your philosophy of life in an early chapter.  When you are open with people about where you stand, and/or what you believe in, they are probably going to trust you, even if they do not share your beliefs or standings.  If you just start talking, people will see this as simply babbling if they do not know why you are saying these things.  If you start talking in a way that is easy to read and logical, you still need to summarize your philosophy of life, because people will not really take this information unless they know they can trust you.

All in all, it is incredibly important for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of his autobiography.

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