2 USP’s of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

What is a USP? A USP is a term used quite often in good advertising.  It stands for unique selling proposition.  It is a supreme benefit or hope of a supreme benefit, of the product, service, or even a company that is being advertised.  A USP is not always hard to write, but sometimes it can be a matter of finding a way to develop and share the product’s back story in just a few short words.  Regardless, finding the USP is an important task that should never be overlooked.  Below, are two USP’s of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

The Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC) teaches students to teach themselves based on the freedom philosophy.  You probably don’t need to be told how huge of a benefit this is.  The RPC is 98% self-taught.  This prepares students for college, and also gives them the ability to independently study, which they will use throughout their lives.  They learn the importance of finding solid sources to learn from.  When the time comes to enter college, students are expected to be independent and able to take on the load of self study.  Going into college prepared for this will put you ahead of the herd, and perhaps even save your sanity.  Taking good notes is key to self-study.  In this curriculum, students learn how to build the basic fundamentals in note-taking, which parents the skill of lecturing notes to the wall to make sure that the student has a solid understanding of the information.  This is a proven technique, and it will bring up the grades of even the poorest student.  The ability to self teach yourself allows you to become more independent and especially more efficient.  I can tell you from personal experience that the RPC completely transformed me and my poor methods of learning and retaining new information.  The self teaching techniques taught in this curriculum are fundamental, but effective.  This is unique, you will not find this in any other curriculum or school program.

The RPC provides 100% risk reversal.  To begin with, it costs only about $500 a year for a single student, less than that if more than one family member is enrolled.  This is a bargain for the quality education delivered.  But on top of the great price, there is a 100% money-back guarantee.  There is absolutely no risk involved.  If a family purchases several courses and they find that this curriculum does not fit all their needs, they can get a full refund and nothing is lost.  For every course, there are 180 lessons.  In each lesson, there is a reading assignment (or at the end of the week, a writing assignment), along with this, there is a roughly 25 minute lecture.  The lectures are delivered by the course providers, which, mainly in the high school courses, are college professors.  This is beyond worth the price, but if a potential customer is unsure, they can simple ask  for a refund in just minutes.  This is unique, and it is definitely a supreme benefit.  This is not offered by any other curriculum, program, or school opportunity, especially not one of this quality.  Why not try it, and see if this is what you need to transform your academic progress?  If it is not what you need, no problem.

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