14″ Circle Y barrel saddle.

This toast suede, 14″ Circle Y barrel racing saddle will give you a great riding experience whether you are running a barrel pattern, or just riding around your farm.  The leather  is a nice golden-rusty color, covered with detailed engravings, the leather is in great shape, and we recently had a leather professional do a detailed cleaning.  The 14″ seat is suede, which will help you to maintain your position without sliding around too much.  The seat dips down toward the cantle allowing you to have a secure position when your horse gets down to make the turns around the barrels, or it will also provide a relaxing position for trail riding, or any other style of riding you might do.  The leather strap where the girth attaches to the saddle has been replaced within the last year, and should last you a long time.  As far as sizing goes, this saddle has regular bars, which should fit most barrel horses, if you have a draft horse or a broader horse, this saddle will not fit well, and may cause your horse discomfort.  The stirrups are metal, which, personally, I like because it is easier to keep your feet in them when your horse is at a full gallop.  The fleece on the bottom of the saddle is in great shape and with a good saddle blanket it should last for the full life of the saddle.  I would like to include something that I personally love about this saddle, which is the fact that the horn is big enough for me to comfortably grip my entire hand around, which is helpful when the horse is getting down to go around the barrel.  We are asking $500 for this saddle, which is a bargain considering other saddles identical to this one are much higher in price, while we are asking $500, we are still open to negotiation.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at any time, thank you.

The logic of this ad. I tried to follow the 31 rules of advertising to the best of my ability while writing this ad.  There were a few instances where I made some slight changes to fit the product that I am selling, for instance, I know that it is best to keep pictures limited, but I have shopped for saddles before, and I know dozens of people who have bought and sold saddles, and these are key pictures to the sale, there are a lot of people who will not buy a saddle unless they see these pictures, they will definitely help convince the buyer to make their purchase.  I believe that in this case, pictures are acceptable, because they are for one, crucial, and also I am not paying for ad-space.

I chose this item over other items to do this assignment because this is something I know, especially this particular saddle, but to be sure my facts were correct, I researched the serial number to try to find all the additional information I could.  I feel somewhat confident that I included all of the needed information about this saddle.

Also, I made sure to lead with the benefit and follow with the proof, I tried to do that in the overall picture, but also when explaining each individual detail.  Over the past few days, I have considered this technique, and how powerful it is, and I believe that it is crucial to making the sale(s).

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