The ideal apprenticeship job, and why?

An apprenticeship job gives you insights to the skills and techniques of a company or individual.  Either you will learn what to do from his or her successes, or you will learn what not to do from his or her mistakes and failures.  By working for a successful businessperson, you will have the ability to learn things that no textbook can teach.  In my opinion, the ideal apprenticeship job would be one where I could learn customer service.  Whatever business I choose to start, customer service will be crucial.  Another apprenticeship job that I plan to look into, would be anything associated with real estate.  Eventually, I hope to become a real estate investor, or possibly a real estate agent.  Whatever I do,  I need to begin as soon as possible because the clock is ticking.

A couple of months ago, I was offered a one time job working for a catering company at a wedding.  I took it, and along with several other young women, I was to be a server.  After the reception was over, I stayed to help clean up.  I got the chance to talk to a friend that is currently in college, she told me that there is a catering company in my town that pays pretty well.  I went to the website, and read about the system, they cater at weddings and other big events, you can make your own schedule and choose what events you work at.  It would not interfere with school, or anything else on my schedule.  Because most of the events are in the evening, I would have plenty of time to start a small business.  I think this would be a great way to improve my people skills, and make a little extra cash.  I am planning to apply for a job with this small business.

Another ideal apprenticeship job would something associated with real estate.  I have a major interest in looking at houses and properties, and watching what they sell for.  This is not a usual teenager interest, but someday I hope to make it my career.  As of right now I know very little about real estate, I have a lot to learn before I could become an investor or a real estate agent.  An apprenticeship job would be full of benefits, if I could find a job associated with real estate, it would be a priceless opportunity to learn.

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