What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography?

At some point in their life, everyone should write an autobiography.  It is a great way to put your life story into a book, and to leave a priceless legacy to loved ones.

One benefit that I would get from writing an autobiography, would be having a complete book of my life, that I could review at any time.  While my autobiography will not be full of mumbo jumbo,  I am sure that I will include some of the important personal stories that will be pleasureful to look back on.

Writing an autobiography would be a huge benefit for not only me, but also the people around me.  Last year, my Grandpa died from a tragic heart attack.  My uncle spent many hours gathering stories and photographs to put together to form a timeline, my devoted uncle also did this 4 years ago when my sweet Grandma died of cancer.  Not long after, I began the “English 1: autobiography” class with the Ron Paul Curriculum.  It made me think more about my grandparents, and I thought to myself “what if they had written autobiographies?”  I would have insights as to how they grew up, how the lived and raised my father, and how they overcame life’s many problems.  It would have been a wonderful legacy for all of their children and grandchildren.  The more I think of it, the more I wish they had written autobiographies.  I want to be sure that I leave the legacy of an autobiography for my loved ones.

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