My Home

There are many beautiful places in the world, but none quite like my home in small town rural GA. Surrounded by trees my family lives in a nice brick house. It is nothing fancy, but it is home. In front of our house, the paved driveway forms a circle, then a rock driveway follows down to the road. I have many golden memories riding bicycles down our driveway with friends and family. Across the street from our house is a blueberry patch, nobody really owns this property, but lots of people from our community pick from it. On the right side of our driveway we keep our 5 beautiful horses, our pastures are not very good. We have been doing a lot of work to them to make them better. As of right now they are rocky, and they do not have very much grass, so we mostly feed our horses hay. If you come up our driveway, you will most likely be greeted by our awesome dogs. Festus is a sweet German Shepherd, but he has a shear bark that will scare the pants off of any stranger. Razzi is a black Lab, she is pretty hyper, she really just wants to play. Hazel is an Australian Shepherd, honestly she wants to herd everything in sight (including cars.) If you walk down past our house, there is a path that goes into the woods. It is a beautiful trail, you may see a squirrel or some deer. After you walk a ways, you will begin to hear the flow of water. There is a small creek that runs across our property, on either side of the creek there are 12 foot banks, in some places it is not as steep. Near the creek we are constructing a pond, and I am sure that we will make a lot of memories in it. Our place is not perfect, but I love it.the-better-sunset

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