Which three time-allocation changes could increase my productivity?

Time is an irreplaceable resource and we never know when we’ll run out of it.  It is important in our everyday lives to invest our time in the truly important things, that give a great output.  There are several areas in my life where I need to reallocate my time so that I have more productivity.

I am much more productive in the morning than the afternoon/ evening.  By making it a habit to go to sleep 1-2 hours earlier, I can get in the habit of waking up earlier.  I could start my schoolwork early in the morning, and get more done.  This would free up more of the afternoon, and I would have time to begin working on a business.  This would be a major increase in my productivity.

I read a lot, but I am a slow reader.  Lately I have been working more on my speed reading abilities.  I have barely improved my speed, but with more practice I could majorly bring my speed up.  If I speed read 10-15 minutes every day I could make a huge improvement.  This would allow me to read the same amount, but I could read so much more material.

I spend too much time aimlessly browsing the web.  This is like pouring my time down the drain.  If I limit my Internet time, I will only have time for the important information and I can cut out all of the wasted time. I could use this time to do extra school, work on a business, or study for CLEP exams.  I can save this wasted time and turn it into profit.

I have listed three time allocation changes here, but they do absolutely no good unless I put them to action.  Once I have put them to action and form habits, I will become more productive.

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