Catching Sharks on St. George Island

Each of my two older brothers caught a shark while we were on St. George island in Florida. They caught them from the beach.  The first image is an 8 foot nurse shark, my older brother caught this one, he said it didn’t fight very hard.  The second image is a 7 foot hammer-head my oldest brother caught this one, he fought this one for at least 30 minutes.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!   kevins shark imageneils shark photo

11 thoughts on “Catching Sharks on St. George Island

    1. First the buy a piece of bait. I’m not sure exactly what they used, but it was pretty large. Then they would fix the bait on to their heavy duty shark fishing rods. Then they kayak the bait about a quarter mile into the ocean. Then they come back and sit on the beach with their fishing pole until they catch one.


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