Following vs. Leading

Would I rather start a small business, or become a minimum wage apprentice to a mentor?  I believe that working for a mentor is a great prospect because of the amount I could learn.  If I work hard and pay attention to this knowledge.  I could transform it into a fortune.  I wouldn’t make as much money in the beginning, but I would rather take time to know what I’m doing than to hop right in and get lost in the shuffle.  Starting a business right away is also a great idea, but without having a mentor I will have to learn from my own mistakes, which is a setback. I think if I were to find an experienced and successful businessman, and convince him/ her to be my mentor, that experience would be priceless.  After working and learning for a while I could launch my own business, starting on the right foot.  Learning to follow before I try to take lead sounds like the smartest most secure choice.

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