The REAL cost of television.

In the past couple weeks I have been tracking my TV viewing hours.  I typically watch 5 hours of TV in a week.  Now what if I were to take these 5 hours and use them working hard on a business?  Here are some figures I came up with: 20 hours a month at $20 per hour, in 5 years I would make $29,304.48.  By age 70 I would have made $14,567,118.70, that is insane.  TV is not the best way for me to invest my time.

Before I was given the assignment, I challenged myself to stay off of social media (not including my blog) for six days out of the week.  Since I took that challenge I have had so much extra time.  I have been much more productive, and creative.  I never really noticed how much of my time was being sucked up by social media and television. I know now, I am determined to limit these hours and turn them into profit.

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