Business 1 lesson 25, writing assignment

What am I willing to settle for one year from now?   one year from now I will be almost sixteen years old.  I hope to have my learners permit, and should be preparing for my drivers license.  I should be halfway through my sophomore year of high school, and I want to have at least 30 hours volunteering at local businesses.  I will also hope to have started my business (I’m not sure what type of business yet.)

What am I willing to settle for on my 18th birthday?  I should be almost finished with high school. By this time, I will probably have purchased a used car (or truck.)  I would like to have begun studying for a degree accounting during high school (accounting to help me manage my business.)   I hope to be emotionally and financially ready to move out of my parents house.  If I run my business correctly I should be able to afford rent, or a down payment on a house.

What am I willing to settle for on my 25th birthday?  I will hopefully have earned a college degree, probably in accounting.  I hope to have made a down payment on a house and be close to having the mortgage close to paid off.  I will probably be married, and if so, I will possibly have a few kids.  I should be well able to run my small business independently.

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