Why running my own business, is a way to secure my employment in 2030.

As you know technology has grown, changing the world in many different ways.  Machines have made jobs easier and even replaced some jobs.  There are many new developments, robots that can handle simple tasks, soon more advanced tasks.  People are starting to wonder whether or not their jobs are under a threat.  Well it is true, there are many jobs that robots will replace, it is very likely that most employers, will replace their employees with robots, to maximize efficiency.

The clear way to guarantee your employment, is to start a business.  Becoming an entrepreneur, will secure your job, because you will be your own boss.  You will be able to hire people and machines as you please.  Of course there are a few jobs that robots won’t be able to do.  But I feel it is best to have your own business to be guaranteed your job.

Personally, I would want to see myself in 2030,  married, raising children, I feel that is my true calling, perhaps owning a small business on the side. I think if I were married and had kids, what if there were an accident and something happened to my spouse? What would my children and I do? I wouldn’t want to have to live on welfare.  That’s why I believe having a small business (that would be enlargeable if needed), would be a very smart idea.

Whether people like it or not, the amount of jobs will decrease, whether it be 10 years, or 30 years.  Machines will overpower the labor amount that man is capable of doing. So we have to start preparing ourselves. Honestly I believe, entrepreneurship is the most secure option.


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